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Built for for everyone. Techie deals with Laptop Battery, Adapters and all accessories for day to day usage.

Techie combines smart, modern styling with all experienced development team that love to deliver impressive and well-designed products. All our Products marks the specification and has good build quality. All our products are manufactured by state-of-the-art manufacturing plants at world class factories. Our Products are guaranteed to meet the original equipment’s specifications on all counts of durability, structure and fit.

  • Why Techie?

    The effectiveness is directly dependent on the quality of the product. You Can use any Brand’s Compatible Battery, but does it match the specification or does it suit the Laptop? At Techie, all the products match the specification and has a good built quality.

  • Does Techie support all Laptop Brands?

    Techie covers all the Major Laptop Brands. Use our live chat option or search option to find products.

  • 3D Printer and Filaments

    Now you can put all your creative ideas on a piece of paper with Techie 3D Printer Pen . This product is meant for extensive 3D drawing along with indulging in creative arts and crafts as well.  The 3D printer pen is easy to use even when it comes to making complex drawings.


We work directly with major international brands, and for many of them we are the sole representatives in the market. We are a stable and reliable partner for those who are willing to develop their business with us. Become part of our team!


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